With lack of stock being most estate agents concern, we cover this subject in this article.

Winning More New Homes Stock


One challenge that estate agents are often faced with is having enough good quality stock to meet their buyer demand, no more so in the current market we find ourselves. This leaves agents with two choices, continue to solely chase and prospect the second hand market or turn their attentions to the ever increasing new build market.

There are many false truths that surround the new homes sector such as… ‘house builders don’t work with estate agents’…. ‘they won’t want our help, surely they are selling all their stock quickly’… well these, and others, couldn’t be further from reality.

Many of our members don’t just work with house builders, they have built long standing and collaborative relationships. This happens when the agents truly understand the wants and needs of the house builder and seeks to understand and demonstrate how, by working in partnership, they can help the house builder deliver on their plans and goals. Equally its understanding those sites that are perhaps not selling as desired and looking objectively and creatively at how you can deliver a plan of exposure to buyers that is greater than their own current strategy or that of the agent they are working with.  

It helps to know where to start. We monitor and track each and every new build instruction across the UK and can identify whose selling and whose not, whose marketing with your competitor and who may be in need of extra support in the weeks to come. If you would like to know the ‘state of play’ in your local market then get in touch and we will let you know the real time figures, where the opportunities lie and the fees on offer.

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Winning More New Homes Stock