Why filling the fridge should be your top priority

Where's your stock coming from for next year?

Why filling the fridge should be your top priority 

Almost without exception, the agencies we’ve spoken to recently have reported being exceptionally busy and are struggling to keep up with the current levels of demand. It’s a welcome, positive time to be in business.


But amidst the haymaking, are you taking time to stock up the fridge for the future?

It’s been widely reported that right now there’s more construction work starting than at any other point in years; it’s not just the big guys getting in on the action, it’s the regional and SME’s too. And that all adds up to opportunity.

So while at the moment house builders are juggling the balls involved in buying the land, sourcing materials and getting trades in place, thoughts will be for many, to get those new builds on the market and maximise profit.

Recognising the opportunities…

Over the last eight weeks, as part of our white label work, our New Business team have focused on the last three years of consented sites data, to identify and reach out to under-construction development with the aim of getting in early enough to pitch for the instruction.  

From discussions, we’ve found that in nearly every case there has been no agent tied to the sites. And even those that have been in long-term discussions with agents have not yet made any commitment. Nor have these house builders had many agents proactively engaging with them on strategy and pre-launch advice, or any that have made much of an attempt to understand ongoing land requirements, let alone find them potential sites for the future.

That’s a lot of missed opportunities, we’re sure you’ll agree!

…and why you’re in such a great position to help

With the market moving at such a pace, the prices that developers bought these sites on will have shifted upwards. This makes it vital they keep abreast of market forces such as supply and demand, emerging competition and market sentiment, all of which can have an impact on them getting their timings right when it comes to bringing their properties to market.

So, if you can bring the “crystal ball” of visibility that will help them understand what’s coming down the line, you’ll likely win that instruction, not to mention a valuable ongoing relationship if you play your cards right.

It all starts with that consented sites data

Right now, we can’t stress enough that reviewing the consented sites data to identify sites that are under construction but not yet on the market, is a truly valuable exercise. We understand that in the current climate, time is hard to come by, but compare the huge revenue potential up for grabs for 2021, as well as the chance to secure an order book for 2022 and beyond, the decision becomes a no brainer.  

Now is a good time to get really clear on the target instructions, that’s why our members have a simple but effective process that we’ve honed – it really does help cut through all the noise and focus on the tactics and strategies you’ll be able to use to secure specific sites.  

Finally, for those sites that you identify as consented but not yet built, don’t be afraid to be more bullish on land appraisals. We have arranged six land deals in the last two weeks that had been on the market for a long time with other agents, ensuring plenty of interest thanks to our fresh approach and clear strategy. Best of all, we were fully instructed by the vendors, meaning we had control of the opportunities.

Need help to start reviewing those numbers and finding the right sites? Working out how to secure those instructions? Or have you not yet begun to focus on new land opportunities? Now is the perfect time to get in touch. We can’t wait to get stuck in and help you kick these deals and opportunities over the line.

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Where's your stock coming from for next year?