Prospecting new homes opportunities in your patch

Some of the best opportunities for your estate agency could be right under your noses.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen new build properties poorly marketed by agencies across the country and this has been compounded by the latest data that we have analysed

Recently I came across a classic example of an agent doing a bad job on promoting a development that left the door open for a proactive member of Land & New Homes Network to swoop and secure the instruction.

This particular development has been on the market since July 2019, I viewed it on Rightmove at the end of January and unsurprisingly there was a catalogue of things the agent hadn’t done to maximise their chances of selling the properties for their client.

Firstly, the houses were all built and yet the listings still showed CGI’s rather than current photos and there was no internal imagery and a very bland description of the property.

Intrigued by how bad this agency was handling things I counted that this developer had over £3million (minimum £30k of fees at 1% worst case) of stock sitting their gathering dust and his agent’s mishandling is compounding the issues of selling them.

I feel this is easy pickings for a proactive agency, which has their own marketing house in order, to get this instruction in their sales pipeline as the current agency clearly has not got the basic imagination and know-how to address presentation properly.

There are lots of examples for other agents in and around this area – another example was a site of 5 houses all under £500k – no mention of Help to Buy, yet it would be straightforward for the housebuilder to get registered and ultimately sold.

Another agency’s website shows a house that has been on the market for months and is completely fitted out, but they are still showing photos of an unfinished kitchen.

This is incredibly lazy estate agency work but provides you with a great chance to lure the instruction away.

If you targeted these types of properties where developers are desperate to sell, and you can show how it’s marketed properly this could well be thousands of extra pounds in your bank before the summer holidays.

So, get prospecting and start highlighting to these developers how you would go about presenting and selling their stock.

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Prospecting new homes opportunities in your patch