New rewards scheme for land finders

Land & New Homes Network launches rewards scheme for land finders

A lucrative referral scheme for estate agents looking to boost their income has been launched by Land & New Homes Network. LandFinder MyRewards will reward agents across the UK for supplying information on land opportunities that results in a sale.

Valuable rewards

Luxury holidays, vouchers and money will be offered for information on sites, with typical rewards ranging from £1,000 to £20,000 per referral.

The scheme has been designed to appeal to land-savvy agents, including those who already work full-time for estate agencies. Kevin Ellis, founder of Land & New Homes Network, says: “If you send us a lead and we end up striking a deal with the landowner, you’ll get a healthy slice of the fee from the future resale price.”

The scheme will suit ground-based agents who are intimately familiar with their local neighbourhoods, says Ellis.“LandFinder MyRewards will help you make money from your local knowledge, especially if you own or work for an agency that doesn’t have its own land department or the resources to follow up development opportunities.”

A simple process

There is little work involved for members of the scheme besides passing on information about potential sites. In the coming months, the process will be simplified further thanks to a smartphone app being developed that will enable introducers to quickly and easily pass information across and keep each introducers leads visible in an Introducers account record.

Leads received from the scheme members will be used by Land & New Homes Network national network of researchers and consultants to connect landowners with property developers to unlock development opportunities.   Landowners can be assured of high quality advice, thanks to the network of architects and planning consultants that Land & New Homes Network work with across the UK.

Land & New Homes Network is committed to a culture of transparency and will keep agents fully informed of the progress of any leads. Members of the scheme will receive regular reports on the activity and the business generated from the sites they refer.

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New rewards scheme for land finders