Is time holding you back?

Running an independent estate agency is hard work.

With a never ending fast flowing river of things to do it’s sometimes difficult to focus on the potential of new opportunities.

Your time is limited and the demands on it varied as the competition to win more instructions gets tougher.

The day to day work you do on the shop floor is vital but is it growing your business and adding to your bottom line?

Here’s where we can help.

The land and new homes opportunity continues to grow and this has been re-enforced with the recent Government White Paper on Housing and other initiatives to encourage people to buy New Homes.   The potential is huge for forward thinking agents.

However, it takes commitment, time and focus to grab a piece of this lucrative market – but our members are already showing that the effort is paying off handsomely.

Our members receive the resources, support, education and contacts to help them make the most of their time and ultimately gain an advantage over local rivals in the land and new homes sector.

We’re a team of experienced experts in this field and have developed super efficient systems and processes with the use of leading property technology.

This speeds everything up meaning our members are winning instructions from developers and house builders a lot more quickly and consistently than their rivals.

We know the quickest and best ways to position your agency with developers, giving you the confidence and knowledge to approach them, house builders and landowners.

As people who have been agents we understand the time constraints but as the best selling management author James Belasco said:

“Where you put your key people, time and money is the direction in which your organisation is going to move.”

And we firmly believe that investing in building a strong land and new homes offering will reap massive benefits for your agency.

Thanks for reading and if want to find out more about how we can save you time and money while helping your agency win more land and new home business let’s talk.

Is time holding you back?