Introducing a new partnership between Land & New Homes Network and Kerfuffle for LNH Marketplace

LNH Marketplace Partnership

Land & New Homes to Launch New Supplier Marketplace 


Land & New Homes Network has partnered with Kerfuffle to create a bespoke supplier marketplace for its members.  


The ‘LNH Marketplace forms part of a larger project which is focused on the digital transformation of the Land and New Homes services for members. 


The aim of the project is to provide a resource that better supports agents, developers and housebuilders with the procurement of specialist suppliers and proptech for land and new homes marketing. 


Marketing requirements for land development opportunities and new homes marketing are different to mainstream estate agency requirements and LNH are keen to highlight this with the solution-based search mechanism that Kerfuffle is delivering form them. 


This new marketplace will help agents who are part of the Land & New Homes Network to easily identify the specialists they need to improve their land and news homes offering and tap into the high revenue opportunities it presents. 


The marketplace will include solutions such as architects, planning consultants, interior designers, new homes developers, CGI and photography specialists to name just a few examples. 


Members will benefit from a convenient service that enables them to see recommendations from other agents, quickly access detailed profiles on suppliers, browse by business issue, view exclusive offers and quickly and simply make enquiries which they can then manage through their own supplier management dashboard. 


At the core of the marketplace will be the suppliers who collectively provide UK agents with the best tools for operating a successful land and new homes division. 


Kevin Ellis, Founder of Land & New Homes Network commented: “It’s an exciting time for the Network with this digital overhaul now in play…. 


Simon Whale, founder of Kerfuffle commented: “Better together sounds like a trite political slogan but it actually perfectly sums up what we’re doing; we leverage our industry know how to specialise in providing the best platform in the market for managing your important supplier relationships and Kevin’s team can concentrate on their unique offering to agents looking to maximise the opportunities in the land and new homes arena. I’d welcome a conversation with any agents or suppliers who would like to be involved.”  


LNH Marketplace Partnership