Ten steps to 100% sold

How we can help housebuilders and housing associations cut straight to certainty on your unsold development properties.

When quarterly targets are imminent and costs are mounting, unsold properties can be a burden on any house builder’s operation. Our agencies can take the uncertainty out of the situation by working in partnership with you to secure the margins you’re looking for. Quickly. Effectively. Effortlessly.

Here’s our ten-step strategy for success.

  • A specialist team

The independent agencies in our network are the local market leaders for land and new homes and what they specialise in is sales – from new development launches through to a handful of remaining properties.

  • Marketing might

It all starts with positioning and messaging. Our agents will refine your marketing and develop a multi-channel campaign that connects with the right people.

  • Strength in sales

Our agents’ proven negotiators will instantly start selling your properties to their lists of active and passive buyers – both locally and nationally.

  • Reach further

Your development will also be shared with fellow Land & New Homes Network members – increasing your reach across hundreds of branches and many thousands of buyers nationwide.

  • Total dedication

Ours are leading, independent agencies with dedicated teams that care about results and reputation. You can expect nothing less than total dedication to your cause.

  • Generate more impact

Our members will be ‘banging the drum’ for your development day and night. On the streets. On the phone. On social media. On your behalf.

  • Embrace next level technology

L&NHN Ignite is an exclusive AI technology platform that allows our members to mount highly targeted marketing campaigns across social media. Reach the right buyers for your properties right now.

  • Get informed

You can expect a weekly reporting structure and ongoing updates. You’ll always know where the next lead is coming from and how your pipeline is progressing. Are you currently getting this?

  • Expect quality service

Our motivated, diligent teams will be there for you when you need them. It’s a small point to some, but your calls will always be answered and returned.

  • A smoother path

We’ve created a compelling suite of Part Exchange services that’s a world away from what’s on offer elsewhere. PXtra is flexible, attractive and removes sales objections at a stroke.


To connect with a Land & New Homes Network member or to talk to a member of our team, please get in touch by calling 01672 556310 or email hello@lnhnetwork.co.uk

Ten steps to 100% sold