Introducing Ignite

Land & New Homes Network unveils pioneering AI marketing technology

As part of ongoing investment and initiatives, the Land & New Homes Network has secured access to a revolutionary AI technology that will allow its members to create highly targeted marketing campaigns for housebuilders and developers.

Introducing IGNITE  

The new technology tracks active (and passive) homebuyers on social media, before presenting them with attention-grabbing messages and visuals that are tailored to their specific property preferences.

The system automatically creates up to 72 online advertisement variants and constantly adapts its approach based on audience data. The result is an extremely intuitive and compelling way for agents to engage with the right buyers at the right time, and the results are a class apart.

  • 1,100% increase in landing page traffic*
  • Market size increased by up to 250%
  • 27% reduction in sales lead times
  • 10 x increase in brand recognition

*results have been recorded up to this figure

Kevin Ellis, founder of Land & New Homes Network says of the platform: “IGNITE is next-level technology for next-level results – particularly in the new homes arena. It’s our own exclusive product, developed and managed by the world leader in targeted real estate marketing, and our members can apply it to any house builder’s development.

“To see IGNITE working in real life is incredible. 68% of the 43 million social media users in the UK would like to receive information and offers that are relevant to them, and hyper-targeting does just that – using the power of AI, algorithms and data-driven decisions.”

The technology targets active new homes buyers as well as the passive buyers who account for an additional 50% of the market; thereby increasing the potential audience size by up to 250%.

Ellis continues: “Our members will be able to offer this powerful platform as a value-added service to their housebuilder and developer clients (who won’t be able to access the product directly) and they will also be able to apply IGNITE to their second-hand sales instructions.

“It’s yet another example of our network setting the agenda in the thriving land and new homes market.”

For more information about Ignite and the Land & New Homes Network, contact our team on 01672 556310

Introducing Ignite