How well do you know your locations?

One of the first things we encourage our members to do upon joining the Land & New Homes Network is to set about understanding the full picture of their locations from a planning perspective.

This covers everything from planning applications currently awaiting a decision as well as a deeper knowledge of the state of play for sites which have been granted permission over recent years.    It’s only at this point that an agent can expect to set about implementing a business plan to tap into these opportunities.

Probably the most time consuming yet effective exercise is getting out in the car or in the sunny weather jumping on a bike and visiting each of these sites.   At this point, it enables a really clear understanding of what is built and sold (in which case, great for historic comparables), what’s currently for sale or under construction and what is consented and not built.    The creation of a robust database charting a sites current status is vital in seeking out the potential fee revenues that an agent can generate.

From an agents perspective, its important to remember that the highest value currency that an agent has in the process is when in control of the disposal of land, so if you don’t have a process in place in your business that recognise that land is the vital ingredient then perhaps you need to have a re-think.

If you’d like to understand how Land & New Homes Network helps its members tap into this lucrative part of the market, then please get in touch.

How well do you know your locations?